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Kaiapoi Ethical Dairy

We milk 350 Romney, East Friesland, Lacaune crosses on our Dairy at MEGs Farm, Steeple Morden on the Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire borders. 


We are passionate about producing food as ethically as possible. All our sheep live outside all year round in the fresh air and the sunshine. They lamb outside as nature intended and we leave the lambs with the ewes until they can be weaned off milk and thrive on their own. All our sheep graze on herbal leys, parkland and on arable cover crops. Which makes our farming system a net sequesterer of carbon.


Our milk goes to four cheese makers spread around the South of England. We deliver the milk from June to September. After this the girls are dried off and have a well deserved rest before they are put to the Rams in mid November.

For Milk Enquiries please contact:

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Why Sheep Dairying?

In 2019 we asked our lamb buyers at Tesco what they would like to buy that we could produce "sheep milk" was the answer. We ran the numbers and it seemed to be a very viable enterprise, so in 2019 we bought 2 East Friesland and 2 Lacaune Rams to cross with 300 of our Romney ewes.

In Spring 2022 we got the green light from the planners to begin building our dairy, 12 weeks later we were milking our 3rd generation crosses at Megs Farm. It was a frantic 3 months, with so many different systems to install, from the parlor itself to the complexities or pouring the concrete pit to getting signed off by the food standards agency, all whilst the worst drought in living memory began to bite and the ewes were beginning to dry off. Then the fun of getting 300 ewes through a parlor and being milked when they'd never even set foot in a building before began!


Work on the infrastructure has continued over the 12 months since planning was granted we have drilled Megs Farm at Guilden Morden with a herbal ley, fenced the site into manageable paddocks with mains water to each and planted some new hedges and trees to create shelter and help the dairy blend into the landscape.

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