Spread across four arable farms Kaiapois arable thrives under

a variety of soil types from light chalks and rolling hills around

Baldock through gravels in Ware to some heavy underdrained

clays in Clothall and Guilden Morden.


New farms to us get a big dose of TLC when we take them on, hedges, ditches and drains are restored. Any buildings we can make use of get an upgrade and any opportunity to implement a Countryside Stewardship Scheme is grabbed and optimised for the good of the soil, the wildlife, the land owner and us the farmers.

We use a diverse rotation growing six crops in four years, two for sheep grazing to build organic matter, we try to incorporate most straw to help boost levels making the soil easier to work, hold water more efficiently and best of all stack it full of life.

We try to use fertilisers and pesticides as sparingly as possible whilst still striving for maximum yields, allowing a variety of well timed cultivation to do the lions share of the work for us.

                           The more you put in, the more you get back

Kaiapoi Arable

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