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What Makes Kaiapoi a Breeding Stud?

We DNA record all of our breeding stock - we take a DNA sample from all our recorded lambs and send it to labs in America for analysis. Done in preference to paper recording it assures 100% accuracy in parentage data.

SIL data analysis (based in New Zealand) - all the recording data and DNA results are sent to New Zealand to join their database and benchmark our flock against 600 other flocks.

We are a fully accredited high welfare status flock which means we submit hundreds of blood samples every year to ensure when you buy are our stock, the only thing you're importing is the sheep.

Tough selection - we only sell the best. All breeding stock are checked regularly for conformation and physical properties, including FEC, feet and resilience to fly strike. The scores and data provided from SIL ensure we weed out any non performers and those live out their days in our commercial flock. We only sell the top 2% of all the rams produced on our farm. Our EBV's (Estimated Breeding Values) are beginning to chase the best Kiwi flocks.

We tup Kaiapoi Romney Ewe Lambs at 40kg+ with an average scanning of 126%.

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In 2019 we imported 4 MyoMax double copy gene carrying New Zealand Romney Rams.

The MyoMax gene is a double muscling gene. It will give 10% higher meat yield on lambs. For a more efficient grass finished animal.

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