Kaiapoi Dairy

In 2019 we asked our lamb buyers at Tesco what they would like to buy that we could produce "sheep milk" was the answer. We ran the numbers and it seemed to be a very viable enterprise, so in 2019 we bought 2 East Friesland and 2 Lacaune Rams to cross with 300 of our Romney ewes.

We are now on the third generation and the first ewes will be milked this spring. We have drilled 'Megs Farm' at Guilden Morden with a herbal ley, have bought a second hand parlour, ordered a building and are in the process of obtaining planning and having the electricity and water connected on the farm.


Spring 2022 looks set to be pretty busy, so

watch this space and we will keep you updated on progress! 

Dairy sheep.JPG
Dairy twins.jpg